Instrumentation and electrical

instrument metering/l.a.c.t unit services

Our team of Metering and L.A.C.T Unit experts will provide and support  plant metering skid solution in conjunction with our partners. The solution includes E & I Support services on the skid, Calibration of clients bi-directional or unidirectional prover loop using our master meter, prover tank, pulse counter and reservoir tank, Metering skid operation routine maintenance check and provision of man power services for dynamic loading/custody transfer.

instrument calibration services

We offer calibration and re-certification services for hydraulic, pneumatic and electronic field instrument devices. Our calibration services are carried out in accordance with ISA and NIST five point check calibration procedures which are also in conformance with ISO 17025, API and ASME standards on calibration services. All our calibration test kit ranging from our calibration work station, PSV test bench, dead weight tester, Hart communicator, drunk, decade resistance box, temperature bath, pressure comparator, master meters etc are all traceable to UKAS and NIST standards.

We also offer control valves testing, troubleshooting, repair and maintenance and support services at our workshop.

instrument wellhead hookup services

With our experienced engineers, we provide hook up, pre-commissioning and commissioning of well head platform ESD and fusible loop instrumentation, loop test and trip test for well head Instrumentation and instrument hookup services for well head pneumatic control systems for well head Control Panel (WHCP)

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