Aril Technologies limited


Telecommunications & IT Systems

Aril Technologies have Engineers, and Rigger With Cognate Experience In VSAT and Optic Fibre Links Installation and Turnkey Capability to Provide Full Standard Leased Communication Services via SCPC VSAT and Optic Fibre With Varying Bandwidth Options As Required For Data,Voice, micro-wave Links and MPLS Linesand Internet Connectivity With Suitable Bandwidth Mile Connections.

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Telecommunication Solutions include :

  • Installation & Commissioning of Digital Cross Connect (DXX , DWDM, MSC Sites, TELABS 6300, 8500 Series
  • Transmission, Planning, Installation & Maintenance of Radio Microwaves
  • Transmission Implementation (Microwave and Muxes)
  • Networking, Routing and switching services
  • Remote Fiber Test Systems (RFTS): Authorized Distributor to NTest Inc. USA
  • Installation of Optical Fibers & Intershelters
  • Building of Cell Sites & Erection of Telecommunication Towers
  • Distributors to OEMs of Telecommunication Equipments
  • Mobile and Fixed wireless communication services
  • Telecommunication training and consultancy services.
  • Bandwith Monitor Systems
  • System design encompassing transmission infrastructure, channel routing and multiplexing, Wide Area networking, remote premises access

Our Team of experts can integrate redundancy and path diversity in SCPC VSAT and Optic Fibre link design for ODU and IDU which conforms to G.826 standard.