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Hydac Cooling Unit

Hydraulic and lubrication systems touch nearly every aspect of industrial equipment and mobile machines,
so high performance and reliability is crucial. Whether the requirement is hydraulic power transmission, heat removal, corrosion protection, or lubrication; fluid quality plays an important role. For mobile machines, varying ambient conditions make temperature control essential. In hydraulic systems,
heat is lost during energy transport and conversion. The function of a cooling system is to dissipate this heat in order to ensure efficient machine performance. Effective cooling can contribute to increased fluid and equipment service life, thereby reducing life cycle costs. HYDAC coolers, heat exchangers, and cooling systems and combi-coolers not only perform well in hydraulic systems, they are also an effective means of cooling electric drives and motors, engines, generators, inverters and transformers, as well as mobile machine gearbox lubrication systems. Whether the cooling medium is air or water, return or bypass flow, HYDAC has standard and customized solutions to meet the most demanding requirements

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